World Language Curriculum

You can choose to study either French or Spanish for the required two years of a world language, and most students take at least three years. If there is enough interest, Latin is offered in the junior and senior years as an elective. Students completing four years of language typically place in the second or third year of instruction at the university level.

French and Spanish classes are taught wholly in the target language. Complete classroom immersion in the language lets you learn and progress faster in the target language than in a traditional world language class. From the beginning of your study, your classes will include conversation and discussion, videos and music, as well as reading and writing in the target language.

Classwork is also enriched with cultural experiences ranging from a grand variety of holiday celebrations (Day of the Dead, Christmas, Chandeleur, Carnaval), attending Spanish language church services, movies, visiting local Spanish and French exhibits and community events. Each spring students participate in a Spanish Cooking Class and the Academy celebrates all world cultures at the International Festival, with daily activities, a bocce tournament and a pot-luck dinner with home cooked foods from over 25 countries.

International Festival Video

Created by Alexandra Bazzani

A Teacher's View

Buenos días! Bonjour!

"We are all native speakers. Madame Lecesne was born in France, Señora Collins was born in El Salvador and Señora Muñoz was born in Colombia. We all firmly believe in speaking our language with the students at all times inside and outside the classroom. Viva el español! Vive le français!"

-Nathalie Lecesne, French Teacher

-Maria Collins, Spanish Teacher