Math equation

Across all grades there is a strong emphasis on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts,or math). While the state standards require three years of math the Academy requires students to complete four years of math, since many colleges encourage students to complete four years. Some students choose to take five or more courses of high school math over their four years at the Academy.

Our energetic and empowering approach to mathematics and science, with real-world applications, makes all the difference for students. The Academy provides many options for accelerating mathematics studies, while ensuring students are challenged and supported at their level of individual readiness.

We want our students to see that mathematics can help them better understand and describe the world around them. There are real-life applications in every level of math. We encourage our students to discover them.

See the Course Curriculum Booklet and Virtual High School for more information about course options.

A Teacher's View

Every day we are driven to ignite the spark for learning.  It is amazing to watch our students eyes light up with confidence as they make the connections to the real world through math.  Our love for math is contagious!  Many of our students continue on and choose careers in math and science.

-Mrs. McKnelly, Mrs. Cosgrove, and Mr. Versteeg