Social Studies

The Social Studies Department prepares students to become globally-aware citizens.

Toward that end, we help you connect historical developments with contemporary problems in the world, so you can use the tools of history to help discern patterns.

Developing strong reading and comprehension skills complements the energetic discussions and activities that dominate class-time. Textbooks are used as background, while supplemented with primary source documents, articles, maps and other research materials. Refining analytical skills is a high priority, and students develop strong research and communication skills for essays, research papers and oral presentations.

See Academic Competitions to learn more about participating in Model UN and Law Day (honors-level & AP 11th graders only).

See the Course Curriculum Booklet for full course descriptions. The Virtual High School also has options for more social studies courses.


A Teacher's View

"Studying history at the Academy is an investigative process, which provides tools to decipher the present and plan our future as global citizens."

-Mrs. Authier