Small class sizes and a tight knit community ensure that students are well known and valued by faculty and staff. We are proud that most of our faculty and staff volunteer outside of their regular responsibilities.  All of us are committed to creating a rich learning environment that challenges students and provides the individual supports, guidance and mentoring to help our students excel.



Academy Leadership Team:

Dr. Vittoria Pacifico
Head of School
978.649.7611, Ext. 322


Mrs. Pamela Bernazani, M.S. Counseling

Interim Assistant Head of School, Grades 9-12

978.649.7611, Ext. 317


Dr. James Flynn

Assistant Head of School, Grades 5-8

978.649.7611, Ext. 338


Mrs. Elisa Lellios

Director of Admissions

978.649.7611, Ext 337


Mrs. Lauren Marquis

Director of Institutional Advancement

978.649.7611, Ext. 321


Mr. Jake Norton

Director of Facilities

978.649.7611, Ext. 304


Mrs. Elizabeth O'Connell

Assistant Head of School, Grades PreK - 4

978.649.7611., Ext. 310



Mrs. Mary O'Regan

Executive Assistant to the Head of School

978.649.7611, Ext. 322


Ms. Kelley Rice

Director of Communications, Marketing and Partnerships

978.649.7611, Ext. 330


Mr. William Wharton

Chief Financial Officer
978.649.7611, Ext. 316