JB Pride is now Donnelly's


Our uniform provider, JB Pride, has been bought out by Donnelly’s School Apparel, headquartered in Rhode Island. Donnelly’s is a 96-year old, family owned and operated apparel company.

How will this impact families?
Under the new ownership, there are a number of benefits for NDA families:

Annually, families that purchase new uniform items online, by phone or in-person between January 1 and June 15 will receive a 20% early order savings on their purchases. There is a 10% savings if you order by July 31, the back to school order deadline.

Note that orders after July 31st run the risk of not being fulfilled in time for the 1st day of school on August 31st.

Please visit their website at www.donnellysclothing.com and select Notre Dame Academy - Tyngsboro under the School Uniforms > Select Your School drop down menu. NOTE: in order to access their website, you must type in www.donnellysclothing.com into your preferred browser.

Donnelly’s also offers a layaway option for just $20 down. Purchased items may be picked up at a selected store location or shipped for free directly to your home.

How does Donnelly’s website work?
You must register each student on the Donnelly’s website to order uniform items. Once an account has been created, you do not need to re-enter that information. Donnelly’s uses this system to help ensure that families are ordering uniform items that are required for their school.

Donnelly’s does not use your information for any other purpose, nor does it sell this information to other vendors.

The website also includes helpful videos on how determine the best size for your child.

Can I still shop in person?
Yes. The nearest Donnelly’s Clothing store to the Academy is located at 39 Cummings Park in Woburn. Store hours are:

Tuesday - Friday, 10-5 PM
Saturdays, 10-5 PM

Donnelly’s also has stores in Wareham, MA, South Weymouth, MA, Cranston, RI and East Hartford, CT.

Please note that store locations are now Fitting Stores. Families will be able to try items on for size and purchase on site; however, all items will be shipped from Donnelly’s warehouse location. Items purchased at a Donnelly’s Clothing store site always ship for free.

Will there be a fitting day held at NDA like in year’s past?
No. The Academy will no longer take time out of the school day for uniform fittings.

Will there be any changes to the school’s required uniforms?
There will be changes to NDA’s school uniforms for the 2022-2023 School Year:
  • Upper School Girls (grades 9-12) Formal Uniform will include the option of black dress pants, without embellishments, that may be purchased from any retail store.

  • Upper School Girls (grades 9-12) Everyday and Formal Uniforms - the long or short sleeve school monogram oxford shirt has been eliminated. Students who have this item may continue to wear their oxford shirt and be in compliance with our uniform policy for Everyday Uniforms.

  • Upper School Girls (grades 9-12) Formal Uniform requires a long or short sleeve white polo shirt with school monogram.

  • Upper School Boys (grades 9-12) Formal Uniform will include the option of black dress pants, without embellishments, that may be purchased from any retail store.

  • Gym Uniform for Girls and Boys Grades Pre K 3 - 8, NDA original track uniform with gold stripe has been discontinued. When the current stock is deleted the stripe will be white. Both colors will be acceptable under NDA’s uniform policy.