Weather Policy

Since many of our students use the bus transportation service provided by the Tyngsboro school district, we must weigh heavily what that district plans to do and how it will affect our students.  In most cases, the Academy will follow the lead of the Tyngsboro Public Schools decision whether or not to close school due to inclement weather.
The Academy may close independently of Tyngsboro Public Schools, if the Administration thinks it is warranted.
The Academy will make its own announcements if Tyngsboro Public Schools have delayed openings or early dismissals.
We strive to make the decision by 5:30 AM so that families are notified by 6 AM. Families that need to know earlier than 6 AM are encouraged to check the communication channels listed below.

If a 2-hour delay is announced, the start of the school day will begin at 9:47 AM for both Upper and Lower School students.

In the event of a weather-related school cancellation, delayed opening, or early dismissal, the Academy will notify parents, faculty and staff using the following channels of communication:


Multi Day Weather Events

In the event that school is closed for multiple, consecutive days due to weather, faculty in grades 3-12 will institute remote learning plans after Day 1.  Day 1 will be a snow day.  Students will be contacted by teachers regarding assignments and expectations.

How do we make up for time lost when we have no school days?

​To mitigate the effect of snow days on student learning in the Upper School, faculty may use the free period at the end of the school day called DLT (Designated Learning Time) to cover any curriculum missed. Individual teachers will make this decision as they progress through the rest of the school year. Students will know in advance if they will lose their DLT time. Advanced Placement subject teachers may opt to meet outside of the normal school day. This decision will be discussed in classes, and students will not be penalized for not attending. AP teachers may offer this extra time to support their students. 

​In the Lower School, teachers adjust their lesson plans and syllabi to compensate for time lost to be certain that all key concepts are thoroughly covered. Depending on the number of days missed, teachers may also adjust daily schedules to emphasize subject areas in need of additional attention.