Fine Arts Curriculum

As a first-year Academy student, you will explore art and music history (one semester of each), with engaging, hands-on classes. You can take piano lessons, and participate in Glee Club, A Capella, Drama Guild, Fine Arts Night, and the Muse, the school’s art magazine and club. A variety of Fine Arts electives are available to you starting in your sophomore year.

Through the Academy’s Fine Arts program, you will:

  • Appreciate art and music of other cultures – both past and present
  • Develop creativity through personal expression
  • Understand how social and historical factors influence culture
  • Enjoy co-curricular opportunities to perform, display art, join competitions
  • Advance in your art and/or music skills through attuned individual instruction

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced artist or musician, the Academy offers you abundant opportunities to try new things and perfect your skills for college, conservatory, and other post-high school opportunities. See the Curriculum Booklet for full course descriptions.