Health, Wellness and Physical Education


Because the Academy believes strongly in developing the whole person, we stress the importance of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical sides. Therefore, we have developed a unique approach to your wellness. NDA offers grade level seminars for all grades, in addition to year-long physical education classes in the freshman and sophomore years.

Developing a healthy lifestyle is the core principle of our classes. In seminar classes, topics range from study skills, to stress management, to healthy lifestyles and other issues affecting teenagers. In Physical Education classes, you will have the opportunity to try activities that may be new to you.

Just as important to your physical well-being is your mental health. You will learn mental health strategies that will help you manage stress and grow emotionally strong. Our Guidance Counselors meet regularly with students in all grade levels to give you all the tools and encouragement you need to lead a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle.

To help you practice self-awareness and get what you need for a balanced lifestyle, the Academy has a period at the end of the day called DLT where you may choose to study for an upcoming exam, go for a walk, play a game, work out, or visit the art or music room. There is also a time for spiritual reflection, a perfect way to strengthen yourself.