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About Mission & Ministry

We commit ourselves to community service.

Whether it be collecting food for the hungry, creating blankets for the cold, or making gifts for the lonely, our kids naturally serve. They do so out of love and concern rather than to count hours of involvement.

We create community among those with whom we work and with those we serve.

Our Upper School students can often be found creating bonds with our littlest Lancers. Our faith formation is strengthened through collaboration on projects ranging from Book Buddies to after school enrichments to learning about the mission work of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Our programs seek to engage students in opportunities of leadership and character development.

We embrace the gift of diversity.

Through our monthly retreats, service projects, morning meetings and gatherings, we learn about our similarities and celebrate our differences, recognizing that each of us is a gift.

We develop holistic learning communities which educate for life.

Learning skills that will carry us through life and contribute to enhancing our character is a regular occurrence.

We proclaim by our lives, even more than by our words, that God is Good.

Our students learn to use their God-given talents to bring about change in the world. From raising awareness about global concerns to raising funds locally to help a family in need, Mission and Campus Ministry programs support our students to identify their gifts and how to use them to create change.

We educate for, and act on behalf of, justice and peace in the world.

Students at the “Camp Out to Stamp Out Hunger” event spent a night realizing just how blessed we are to have warmth, shelter and healthy food. A Hunger Banquet, food collection and guest panel added to the night of service, community and social justice. Daily, our students learn that peace is brought about when justice is served and knowledge is gained.

All of our Campus Ministry programs are designed to welcome, engage and involve students from all walks of life and all belief systems. While rooted in the Catholic faith, our Mission is to proclaim to all that God is good, regardless of our differences.

We honor the dignity and sacredness of each person.

Campus Ministry develops programs to support the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health of our students. We create opportunities for every student to become the best version of themselves.