Kindergarten (Age: 5 years by Sept. 1st)

Kindergarten students build on their prior knowledge and practice following three-to-four step instructions while developing the reading, math, science, and social studies prowess needed to ensure success in first grade.  The program builds a solid foundation for students in all academic areas, as well as, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

At the Academy, your child will transition through each stage of the Early Years Program with teachers who guide him/her in all aspects of development.  The goal of the Early Years Program is to foster a sense of wonder and a passion for lifelong learning in each child.

In addition to the core curriculum listed below, kindergarten students also have weekly classes in art, music, physical education, World Language, library, STEAM and computer.  There will also be multiple opportunities throughout the school week to learn and explore in our STEAM mini-makerspace, specifically designed to foster a love of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math in our youngest learners and develop a foundation of skills essential to 21st century learning.


Reading & Language Arts

The kindergarten program uses Scott Foresman’s Reading Street and Voyages in English to build a strong basis of beginning reading and writing skills including letter recognition and sounds, rhyming, syllable counting, decoding skills, building a sight   word vocabulary, reading comprehension skills, reading fluency, grammar, conventions of writing, and a love of literature.  Students participate in whole group instruction, guided reading groups, literacy centers, journal writing, and writer’s workshop experiences.


The Academy uses the Sadlier’s Progress in Mathematics program which focuses on counting to 100, numeral recognition & writing numbers to 100, patterning, sorting & classifying, geometry, graphing, measurement, telling time, and addition &   subtraction in a hands-on format that allows students to construct meaning through concrete experiences.


The Academy uses the Zaner Bloser handwriting program which focuses on correct pencil grip, letter formation, and letter placement within lines through specific language and the grouping of letters by similar strokes.

Social Studies

The social studies program focuses on family, friends, school experiences & rules, community, cultures & traditions, significant people & events in history, state & country symbols, government, jobs people perform, wants versus needs, and   basic map skills.  These topics are taught both as stand alone lessons and weaved throughout the entire curriculum.  The Let’s Find Out weekly series by Scholastic further enhances this program.


The science curriculum focuses on fostering students’ natural curiosity through exploration and guided experimentation.  Students are encouraged to ask questions, make predictions, experiment to discover, and reflect on their   discoveries.  Non-fiction literature selections, the  Let’s Find Out weekly series by Scholastic, and exploration in the STEAM mini-makerspace further enhances these experiences.


The program uses the faith-based We Believe curriculum by Sadlier publishers to introduce students to familiar stories from the Bible and how they can relate to our lives.  The students learn some of the most important lessons from Jesus like kindness, respect, caring for others, and love.