The Academy REACH Program for Math, English & Science

Through the use of flexible scheduling, cross-grade teaching and specialized instruction, Academy students are able to matriculate at one grade level ahead in math (Grades 5-8), math and English (Grades 6-7) math and science (Grade 8). Unlike traditional “tracking,” where students are leveled for all classes and remain with each other throughout the school day, the REACH concept helps all students in the Academy to receive math and reading instruction at their level of individual readiness.

The REACH program is a win/win for all students: accelerated learners benefit by advanced instruction, and those learning at grade level improve with more one-on-one instruction time. The REACH concept allows the Academy to dramatically lower class sizes where needed in math and reading. Through the use of targeted instruction, your child's strengths are enhanced and their weaknesses are overcome.

The comprehensive REACH concept allows for every type of academic placement, in both reading and mathematics, at each grade level. For example, a student who shows academic prowess in mathematics, but struggles in reading, can attend a next grade level math class and a differentiated, targeted reading class - in the same day.

Our REACH concept allows for all possible academic combinations, ensuring that your child receives targeted and comprehensive instruction at the exact level he/she requires. The Academy is proud to have developed a concept that impacts all of our students and not just a select few.