Honors Program for Math, English, and Science

The Academy of Notre Dame provides students many opportunities to excel based on their individual strengths. Each student has strengths in the classroom and some may benefit from the opportunity to learn concepts and explore subject areas beyond their prescribed grade level and curriculum. The Honors program at NDA helps students achieve their potential and receive math, science, and English Language Arts instruction at their level of individual readiness.


Through the use of flexible scheduling, cross-grade teaching, and specialized instruction, Academy students are able to matriculate one grade level ahead in math (Grades 5-8), math and English Language Arts (Grades 6-7), and math, English Language Arts and science (Grade 8). The accelerated curriculum includes academic instruction for those at the advanced level while simultaneously benefiting those who do not qualify by reducing the number of students in each classroom and guaranteeing more one-on-one time and instruction for those who need it. The targeted instruction for both demographics helps students reach their potential.

The Honors program is not an across the board curriculum, each individual student is assessed and invited to participate in classes that guarantee success. This program allows for all possible academic combinations, ensuring that your child receives targeted and comprehensive instruction at the exact level they require.