NDA Visits New England BioLabs

NEB is a leading biotech company producing and supplying restricted enzymes to research labs and industry. NEB scientists and staff engaged with our students and shared their learning and career journey. Students toured the variety of labs and facilities as production, shipping, and facility departments. It is the first time for our students to learn how to convert laboratory research results for commercial products. Big hooray to Mr. Derosby who connected his mother, Mrs. Toby Claus with Dr.Wang, NDA BioBuilder team and Science Club advisor. Mrs. Toby Claus works in the production department at NEB. She prepared, planned, and facilitated the whole field trip. BioBuilder team captain, Katherine Duanmu said, "The NDA BioBuilder team and science club had a great time at the New England Biolabs. We loved learning about the different facilities and especially the numerous art pieces within the company. Thank you to Mrs. Claus, Mr. Derosby and Dr. Wang for making this happen!"