NDA Plans for In Person Learning for All Grades, Full Days for 2020-2021 SY

Located on a 200+ acre campus, NDA fully intends to take learning outdoors!  Noted NDA Head of School Dr. Vittoria Pacifico, “We have truly missed our students here at NDA and we are excited that NDA has the capacity to welcome students back to campus.  Our model for success has always focused on small class sizes where students receive individualized attention in a safe and supportive learning environment. This year our learning environment will include taking teaching outside.”

Dr. Pacifico went on to say that over the summer, the Academy provided free, virtual classes from computer programming to juggling and clowning to first aid to children to provide NDA  students and children in the area opportunities to socialize with peers and to help combat summer learning loss. 

“We are hearing from many parents who are concerned about educational assessments and whether their students  truly learned during the period of prolonged distance learning.  At the Academy, classes resumed on March 16th and our Middle and Upper School students received marks for the end of the school year.  In addition, all children starting at PreK through Grade 12 were expected to participate in regularly, weekly scheduled video conference classes as well as present completed work.”

Incoming NDA Academic Dean and Principal for PreK-5, Dr. Corinne Merritt said that the first few days of the new school year will be spent administering assessments to ensure that students have learned and retained core curricula.  Dr. Merritt will work with faculty at all grade levels to create personal learning plans for those students who may need support and extra resources to catch up to grade level expectations.

“Taking the time to meet with every student and determine their base knowledge of core concepts is critical to ensure students do not become frustrated or discouraged with their own learning,” said Dr. Merritt, Principal PreK-5/Academic Dean.  “This is especially important for the lower grades when students learn fundamental concepts such as multiplication and reading comprehension.”