Guidance & College Counseling

Program Overview

Our Guidance program at the Academy of Notre Dame emphasizes a close working relationship between students and faculty to educate the “whole person for life.”  The size of our school enables us to get to know each student well and the continuity we offer during the four years of high school fosters the development of relationships with individual students. This facilitates our ability to provide individualized advice regarding course selection, college search and career considerations.  Our counselors are also in the classroom offering a developmental guidance program appropriate for each grade level.


Freshmen Success and Study Skills Program

The NDA Guidance Department facilitates a Developmental Guidance Program for our 9th grade students. Guidance counselors will come into the classroom twice a month during their first semester to discuss topics such as the transition to high school, study skills, setting goals, healthy coping behaviors and help in feeling at home in their new surroundings. During these classroom sessions, Guidance also mirrors the skills the freshman teachers are working on in their classroom each month as part of the Freshman Success Program. Skills such as listening, organization, note taking and study strategies are reviewed and learning styles are evaluated to best find strategies that work for each student.


Naviance is our career and college information website that each student uses during their time here. Freshman year is about learning more about who you are, what your strengths and learning styles are.  Assessments are completed and results are discussed. Sophomore year begins to look more at careers that align with student interest while junior year expands to careers and related majors as we begin the college process.  Senior year, students are very familiar with the system and will  use Naviance to apply for college, manage letters of recommendation, and transcript requests, along with having a resume built using their input from the past four years of Naviance use.  

College Counseling

All students are assigned to a guidance counselor alphabetically as they enter the Academy and will remain with this counselor for the four years.  This continuity helps promote a trusting and informative relationship between the counselor and the student.  Working with a student for all four years allows the counselor to get to know students, enabling the counselor to better assist students as they navigate the college planning process.

The Academy has a 100% college attendance rate. Therefore, college counseling is a major part of the guidance program. Juniors and seniors have individually scheduled appointments, and are expected to meet with their counselor frequently. Group sessions, and evening parent information sessions are scheduled.

Students in all grades are always welcome to make additional appointments. Students may contact their counselor anytime to request a meeting.

The best preparation for a successful college process is a successful high school career.  Students should work hard and do their best in an appropriate array of courses and they should engage as fully as they can in the Academy’s extracurricular life according to their tastes and interests.

The Academy is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling and complies with the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice.

Contact Information

SCHOOL PHONE NUMBER:  978.649.7611
SCHOOL FAX NUMBER:  978.649.2909

“We are here to support the students to have the best high school experience possible. Meeting the girls in their freshman year and working as they progress through high school to help them with the college process and achieve the goals they have set for themselves is truly rewarding for us."

-Pam Bernazani &
Stacy Marsden
Guidance Counselors