Fine Arts Curriculum

As a first-year Academy student, you will explore art and music history (one semester of each), with engaging, hands-on classes. You can take piano lessons, and participate in Glee Club, A Capella, Drama Guild, Fine Arts Night, and the Muse, the school’s art magazine and club. A variety of Fine Arts electives are available to you starting in your sophomore year.

Through the Academy’s Fine Arts program, you will:

  • Appreciate art and music of other cultures – both past and present
  • Develop creativity through personal expression
  • Understand how social and historical factors influence culture
  • Enjoy co-curricular opportunities to perform, display art, join competitions
  • Advance in your art and/or music skills through attuned individual instruction

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced artist or musician, the Academy offers you abundant opportunities to try new things and perfect your skills for college, conservatory, and other post-high school opportunities. See the Curriculum Booklet for full course descriptions.

A Teacher's View

"With all the talent and enthusiasm our students share with us every day, they make it easy for us to love our jobs!"

-Maxine Shaw, Art Teacher, and Amy Marrello, Music Teacher


The Memory Project

In January 2019, 12 art students chose to participate in The Memory Project as an extracurricular project. The non-profit organization recruits students from around the world to do portraits for refugee children. Watch their thank you video depicting our NDA artists and the reactions from the children.