Our English curriculum strongly focuses on analysis and writing and the approach has been very successful as documented in our standardized testing, our AP scores and our alumnae feedback.  At the Academy you will enjoy lively discussions of classical and modern literature while perfecting your writing skills for college, securing your mastery of grammar, and expanding your vocabulary. While you will have hands-on, creative assignments and projects, most of your writing will focus on building strong analytical skills for essay and research-paper writing. Academy students are well prepared for college writing after four years of sequenced writing instruction.

Please see our Curriculum Booklet for course descriptions.

A Teacher's View

"We love teaching girls how to use their voices.  Academy girls are problem-solvers who come to school with a varied background of experiences.  Empowering them to harness language and use their unique perspective to make a change in the world gives me a powerful motivation to come to work every day."  - Ms. Patterson, Ms. Bosley, Mrs.Smith, and Ms.Stamas