Spiritual Life at the Academy

Whether you are unsure of your spiritual beliefs, firmly Catholic, or practice another faith, you are welcome at the Academy…

…You are welcome to share your faith convictions.

…You are welcome to pose challenging questions.

…You are encouraged to participate in community service opportunities that support the school community and the wide world - from food, blanket and Toys-for-Tots drives, fundraising opportunities for cancer research, volunteer efforts for the Special Olympics, and practical support so children in Peru and the African Congo have access to education.

The Academy of Notre Dame is committed to Catholic education, in a universal, accepting and welcoming way. The Academy’s foundress, St. Julie de Billiart, emphasized God’s goodness and the goodness of each individual. St. Julie’s smiling statues fill the school, and her positive message underscores all that we do at the Academy.

Mission & Ministry

Committed to serving in three important areas of school life:

  1. Supporting spiritual growth and arranging worship experiences which provide opportunities to deepen one’s relationship with God.
  2. Organizing outreach programs and service projects to help others locally, nationally, and globally.
  3. Providing school leadership especially in supporting the mission and hallmarks of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

Mission and Ministry’s major components are:

1804 Society

  • The 1804 Society is a mission-based leadership organization whose goal is to promote and live out the mission and hallmarks for the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, as well as represent the school and its mission at various high-profile events for the Academy. 1804 members act as ambassadors on behalf of the school at Open Houses, Shadow Days, School Fairs, and special school liturgies and programs. Students involved in 1804 are those who, having been selected through an application process, have expressed their desire to represent the Academy at school events such as Open Houses, high school information fairs, visits to area middle schools, evening events, and mission-related events. Students will be trained in the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame, the history of Saint Julie, and will help support the global mission projects of the Sisters through annual fundraising efforts. Members of 1804 are enthusiastic supporters of the Academy who are active in our school community and who seek to share their experience of the Academy with prospective students and their parents as well as live out the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.


  • Community Service - Students are encouraged and invited to join in seasonal service projects that occur throughout the year. They can join different committees related to specific service projects to help plan and coordinate the projects or simply sign up to volunteer. Some of our past projects include running an after school program at a sister school, volunteering at a soup kitchen, a Blood Drive, a clothing drive, and volunteering at local organizations such as senior citizen homes and shelters.
  • Service Trips - NDA offers two service trips a year. An international spring break service trip (for sophomores through seniors only) and a domestic summer service trip (open to freshmen - seniors). These trips are an amazing opportunity to serve for a long period of time in a very meaningful way.


Each grade level has its own retreat every year. This is a time for the class to come together, learn more about each other, and grow spiritually. It is an off-campus day of fun and spiritual nourishment. Students are invited to join the retreat committee to help plan the retreats.


As a Catholic school founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame, liturgy and worship is an essential part of our identity. We follow the Catholic liturgical calendar and have several Eucharistic liturgies throughout the year. We also have a number of prayer services that include interfaith elements. Students are invited to join the liturgy committee to help plan, coordinate, and run liturgies and prayer services.

Where do you want to make a difference? The Academy welcomes your insights, talents, and leadership. Start something new and create your unique Academy legacy!

"Across the Ocean"
Virtual Prayer Service with St. Julie's High School in Liverpool, England
February 16, 2017