Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Today was an early travel day. We said goodbye to Edinburgh and hello to Dublin! After our flight and hotel check in, we gave the students some retail therapy free time. 

A tram ride later, we visited the National Museum of Ireland Archaeology History. Some very interesting artifacts were on display, including Peat Bog Men. These preserved men lived over 2000 years ago and were found with skin, organs, and even hair in tact. This museum gave us lots of info on the early beginnings of the Celtic culture and Ireland.

A stroll through St. Stephens Park followed, with the students going on a statue treasure hunt. This park is in full bloom, a wonderful place to walk or just sit and people watch. A small pond in the park is home to many species of birds.  At one time in 1916 the Irish and the British were in a gun battle in the park and both sides stopped so that the caretaker could come in and feed the ducks.

We then walked through Temple Bar, a colorful set of streets with shops, pubs and restaurants. Lots of street musicians entertained us on our way to dinner at a traditional Irish pub. Homemade Irish stew for dinner tonight!

Another jam-packed day tomorrow, can’t believe it will be our last day already!

Mrs. B

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