Saturday, February 16, 2019

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Saturday, 2/16

Today’s adventures in London began with a guided tour bus ride all over the city. Our local tour guide, Brittany, took us all over the different boroughs of London showing us many points of interest.  We began with a drive to St. Paul’s Cathedral and got a rooftop view of the cathedral and the surrounding area. She also pointed out many areas that inspired locations in the Harry Potter book series, as well as locations used for filming and set design inspiration.  We drove across the London Bridge and discovered it is not the iconic symbol of London.  The bridge we see in the movies and in print is called the Tower Bridge. 

A stop along the Thames River was a great photo spot for the bridge as well as the Tower of London and the HMS Belfast, a cruiser for the Royal Navy which was utilized in WWII and is now a floating museum.  

From there we stopped at Borough Market, a huge outdoor food fest. This served as a great lunch spot. After lunch more walking along the Thames, seeing the replica of the Globe Theater, an Elizabethan playhouse associated with William Shakespeare. A walk along the Millennium Footbridge was next, with incredible views up and down the river.  For Harry Potter fans, this was the bridge attacked by the death eaters in 2009’s movie ‘The Half-Blood Prince’.

The British Museum was the next stop. We saw the original Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles, incredible pieces of ancient history. This was a highlight for Mrs. Authier!

Dinner then homework for the students: they will be learning about several key figures in Britain’s history and in a few days they will debate on who is the greatest influential person.  This will be interesting!

Tomorrow we are up early and heading to our next adventure in Oxford and Warwick, stay tuned!

Mrs. B

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