2019 Travel Abroad - United Kingdom

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On February 14, 2019, a group of 20 Upper School girls, and four faculty members departed for the United Kingdom. The trip will have them exploring London and other cities/towns of interest in England: Edinburgh, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland.  Our student travelers will be visiting more than 30 points of interest from Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace to Edinburgh Castle and the Irish parliament. Along the way, the students will participate in fun activities including Scottish dancing at a ceilidh, a Scottish gathering and a ghost walk in Edinburgh. “I am so excited for this trip because for the first time I will be traveling with the NDA girls," says Jecolener He. "London is the place I'm most looking forward to.” The NDA group is due to set out on their journey on Valentine's Day leaving from Boston, and they will return on February 23rd. 

Wish the following students safe travels as they set out for their European adventure: Justine Berni, Kate Conrad, Kathleen Curran, Jackie DeNisco, Rachel Deshaies, Justine Elshama, Annabelle Fandozzi, Sophia Friedl, Abigail Golden, Maya Hardy, Lindsey Hanrahan, Jecolener He, Sarah Houston, Kennedy McCarthy, Maeve McComas, Katharine McNamee, Rebecca Morgheim, Meghan Pefine, Jillian Wright, and Ada Zhang.

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2019 Trip to the United Kingdom

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