Lower School Student Life at the Academy

At the Academy, your child joins a close school community that embraces more than just coursework. In addition to outstanding academics, we want to help build his/her character, social skills, teamwork, charity, community service and curiosity about nature. 

Character is encouraged in a spiritually-rich community that values personal responsibility, self-advocacy, justice, kindness, and compassion.

Social skills are developed to learn how to speak up for him/herself, while also learning self-control, patience, respect, empathy and charity toward others.

Teamwork is learned through play and exercise, strong self-esteem, cooperation, healthy competition, good sportsmanship, and leadership – all while having fun and staying fit.

Charity and community service is developed as children discover their own gifts and talents, with after school opportunities that help him/her shine and grow.

Community service is encouraged through your child's caring nature and natural instict to serve the needs of others in this world.

Curiosity about nature comes as we teach children to observe, experiment and explore nature on our lush 194-acre campus, complete with woods, ponds, fields, abundant plants and wildlife.

In-School ETCH Programs

ETCH is a new initiative designed to augment traditional course offerings and encourage enthusiasm for personal interests and development of new skills. ETCH stands for:

E - explore a variety of topics
T - think critically
C - challenge yourself
H - hone skills 

Students will be asked to sign up for an ETCH course each semester, but the subject matter will not be graded. Examples of ETCH courses are stock market trading, Latin, and fitness.

After-School Enrichment Programs

Our Enrichment Program provides for students to get involved with after school activities. These activities are open to the public and geared towards specific age ranges. Click here to learn more about the Enrichment Program

Student Leadership Programs

Building leadership is a key objective here at the Academy as it relates to our mission of teaching students what they need to know for life. The Lower School has a very active leadership program in Student Council. Middle School students can participate in both Student Council and Beta Club