ETCH Program

E - Explore a variety of topics
T - Think critically
C - Create
H - Hone skills 

ETCH is an initiative designed to augment traditional course offerings, encourage enthusiasm for personal interests and development of new skills. Since the nature of these courses are more exploratory, subject matter will not be graded.

The ETCH classes are scheduled once a week for the school year as outlined below:

  • Grade PreK-Grade 8 Mission and Ministry: Faith through Prayer and Song
  • Grade 4-5 Minds-On Math Workshop 
  • Grade 4-8 Makerspace 
  • Grade 4-8 Creative Writing Workshop 
  • Grade 6-8 The World of Geography 
  • Grade 6 Directed Learning Time (DLT)
  • Grade 7 Health and Fitness 
  • Grade 8 Introduction to Latin