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Summer Writing Activities

Students entering grade fourth grade are required to read 2 books.

The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies

Donovan's Double Trouble by Monalisa DeGross and Amy Bates 

Fabulous in Fourth Summer Reading!

Hello Students and Families,

It is our pleasure to welcome you into the fourth grade! Your new journey as a fourth grade student is sure to be memorable, engaging, and challenging. We will be growing in many ways inside and outside of the classroom.

To get us started on our journey, we will be partaking in a summer reading activity. Please be advised that in addition to the reading, you will be expected to partake in an assessment on the books upon your return to school. These assessments will test your general understanding of the book.

Our goal is to foster a lifelong love for both reading and learning. Bearing this in mind, we have chosen two books that consist of lively characters, adventure and intriguing plots.

As a school we are celebrating Hallmark 5 this upcoming 2016-2017 school year. This hallmark focuses on celebrating diversity. To help get you thinking about the hallmark, we have assigned Donavan’s Double Trouble by Monalisa DeGross and Amy Bates.  As you read, please think about the ways in which this book demonstrates the theme of diversity.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy the two books and we cannot wait to discuss them upon your return to school!

EARN A REWARD FROM YOUR PRINCIPAL!! Check out our Summer Writing Activities and Principals Passport links above on this page!!!  Read more books and fillout a passport form for what you have read over the summer ,and/or create your own writers journal of Summer Writing activities.