Early Years Mini Makerspace

The Early Years program is also a part of a school-wide STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) initiative. During the summer of 2017 while a makerspace for grades 4-8 was being built on the third floor, plans to launch a mini version of it specifically designed for children in Pre-K through K2 was also taking shape. 

"STEAM in the Early Years program, capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity about the world around them and provides opportunities for both teacher-directed and child-directed learning experiences."- Melissa Janes, M.Ed., Director of Early Childhood Development at the Academy. 

The Makerspace will include areas such as: 

  • Loose Parts and Creation Station where children will have the chance to plan out their own ideas and experiment with materials to bring their ideas to life
  • Science and Math Exploration Center
  • Engineering Center with gears, pulleys, and a variety of building materials
  • Art Center
  • Technology Center with iPads, an interactive whiteboard, Bee-Bot® early coding systems, and Osmo™ technology for hands-on manipulation connected to technology  

"All of these areas and experiences are designed to develop higher-level thinking skills and prepare students to be 21st Century learners." -Janes

Mini Maker Fun