Book Fair





Parents: Your child will come to the Fair with their class during their scheduled Library class time. If you can attend and assist your child in making a purchase, that's great. Do be aware that we have a Family Night   for parents who are unable to attend during the school day. We will send home a preview flyer which will give you an idea of what is available at the fair.  PLEASE NOTE :  The preview flyer lists only a small portion of what is available on the Fair, there are always many, many more items for the kids to choose from. Please be sure to let your child know if they are limited to purchasing only books as the fair may include other items such as pens, pencils, diaries, posters, etc.

We hope to have a preview day for Kindergarten children. On preview day students will come to the Fair,  and  volunteers will assist them in making a list of books they would "Wish" for, along with prices.  Students will bring home their wish list to Parents.  Parents can look over the list and give their child permission to purchase whatever items they wish.  Parents can then come in to purchase along with their child during scheduled  book fair time, or the child may bring in his/her money to make purchases on their own. Payment may be in the form of cash or check. Remember to include 6.25% sales tax.  Please make all checks payable to Academy of Notre Dame.

We will also be doing the Teacher Wish List Program again this year! Teachers will be given a chance to preview the fair and make a list of all the items they would Wish for to use in the classroom with their students.  A special gift bag with each teachers name on it can be found at the fair!  Make your teachers wishes come true, buy an item and drop it in the wish bag!!!!  Your name will be inscribed inside the front cover of the book on a special book plate so the teacher will know exactly who granted the wish!!!!  Or purchase gift certificates for your Teacher and let them make their own buying decisions!!!
Remember invite friends and neighbors and let them know that the book fair is a great place to get a jump on  Holiday Gift Buying!!!!!! 
Readathon  Gift vouchers will be kept on file for the children at the fair and will be distributed to the children when they arrive at the fair.  Readathon and Summer Reading Prize Winners will  also receive their Prizes when they come to the BOOK FAIR!!!!!!