CulinArt at NDA

NDA is proud to partner with CulinArt to provide our students, faculty and staff with healthy, naturally flavorful and nutritious foods prepared on site.  Chef Martin Porto uses spices and herbs so that students get more of what they need - healthy, delicious food and less of what they don't need - salt, sugar, and saturated fats.  
CulinArt menus help students pick items that are right for them including vegetarian, vegan and locally-sourced menu options.
The NDA Student Meal Includes:
  • Choice of Hot Entree or Deli Sandwich/Grill Special served with 2 Side Dishes (starch & vegetable)
  • Salad Bar and Fresh Fruit
  • Choice of Spa Water or Milk (whole, soy, chocolate)
  • Always available:  Sun Butter Sandwich, Pasta with Marinara or Butter Sauce, Turkey with Lettuce & Tomato on White Bread (Gluten Free Bread available)
  • Veggie Burger available as burger substitute
Lunch Prices:
Pre-K 3 through Grade 3:  $4.50 per meal per day
Grade 4 through Grade 12: $7.00 per per day
Introducing MyKidsSpending through ODIN, Inc.:

We are pleased to announce our new dining services technology partner at NDA - ODIN Inc.

ODIN, Inc. will facilitate Meal Plan enrollment through their website Parents/guardians will receive an email with temporary login credentials to set up their accounts in late September. Each student will be issued a Dining Service ID Number. With that, parents/guardians can enroll students in the Meal Plan and deposit funds into the student’s account. Minimum deposit is $50. Participating families can review their account balances online at any time and will receive an email notification when the account has a low balance.

At the end of the year, dollars will be rolled over to the next school year. However, exiting students are required to use all funds in their account. CulinArt will not issue refunds to exiting students.


Need help with your MyKidsSpending account? Please call 855-302-0070 or email support at [email protected]