"Starting NDA nine years ago, I had not thought that this would become a second home to me. The small school environment where everyone knows each other has fostered a feeling of belongingness. Being a part of NDA has given me a variety of opportunities in academics and extracurricular activities making a great foundation for high school. Beyond math, science, history etc. I have learned values to become a better person and give back to the community. I am glad that I got the opportunity of being part of the NDA family. It plays a big part of who I am." – Aditya Prasad

"I came to NDA in sixth grade because I wanted to have the experience of a larger school that had amazing academics.  I also had a friend who was a student here already, and she loved it.  I was blown away by the kind and welcoming treatment I received from the teachers and students.  I did not feel like a "new kid" whatsoever; I felt like I belonged.  I have definitely flourished at the Academy as I learned how to step up my work effort to get exceptional grades. I would recommend NDA to any student, as they will be respected and cared for throughout their school experience." - Margaret Barker

"My eight years at the Academy have been unforgettable and amazing. This school has become my home where I go to every day with great enthusiasm to learn constantly and broaden my knowledge day-by-day."

"I am proud to tell others that I go to a school that strengthens my leadership qualities through many clubs and activities. I have been given the opportunity to prove myself and find confidence to move forth and discover, imagine and achieve."

"The students are involved and given the opportunity to make some of their own choices. The academic program is great. I know, when I move on to high school, I will be ready thanks to the superb education I have received here."

"Notre Dame isn't just a school, it is my home. It has taught me many incredible things in the many years I have attended. The teachers are simply amazing. They truly understand us and want to help. I know as soon as I wake up I have a day filled with good people and great discussions. Everyone is full of compassion for one another. I know who I am, and I know that because of this school."

"After only being at the Academy for two years, I feel as though I have found myself. I have come out of my shell and truly discovered who I aspire to be. I am now a hard working student, athlete and leader. Notre Dame has helped me find my confidence and I know that as I continue in my journey at this school, I will be challenged to grow more as both a student and a person."

"Attending the Academy of Notre Dame has been an incredible journey for me. Through the years, I have made friends, created memories, and gone above and beyond everything I ever could have imagined myself doing. I have learned from not only the amazing, helpful staff and rigorous curriculum, but also from my peers."

"The opportunities offered and the genuine respect and care that all faculty, staff, and students have for each other are unique to NDA. My experience has been all that I could have asked for and more."


"Coming to the Academy was the best decision I ever made."

"I credit everything that I have accomplished thus far in my college career to my NDA education. I have experienced firsthand how a select group of fabulous young women can achieve such greatness."

"Every day I realize more and more how much this school did for me and how much being here shaped me, academically, physically and as an all-around person in the world. I believe for high school, the single-sex environment is hugely instrumental in preparing well-rounded, participating citizens."

"NDA will prepare you beyond your belief for college. You will learn how to contribute to community and follow your passion, no matter what it is, in a way that will help others. This school will challenge you, but not without reward. You will meet some of your best friends here who you can go to for the rest of your life. It's a family."

"My time at the Academy was a very positive experience in which I learned to express myself and grow in confidence, while in a challenging environment. NDA is unlike any other high school experience, but the friends you make and the bonds that are formed with the faculty and staff make an impact on your life, and make you into a well-rounded woman."

"The single gender experience at NDA taught me to be an independent, strong female. I can be myself and comfortable in my own skin around all types of people, and it's simply because NDA helped foster my self-confidence."

"This is an absolutely wonderful school. The classes were challenging enough that I felt prepared to enter the college world and even the work scene. My social skills were enhanced through all of the extracurricular activities offered and the opportunities presented."

"I learned how to make personal connections and friendships with not only the girls in my class, but my peers in older and younger grades, my teachers and coaches. This school will absolutely prepare you for the real world with a smile on your face and confidence in your heart."

"This semester I'm required to take a Junior Year Writing Course, and in our first lecture the instructor taught us "essential comma rules". When I see this on the power point, I immediately think of you! We did an exercise later in class and of course being a former student of yours, I got each and every one right. I remember sitting in your class thinking to myself, 'When am I ever going to need to know all of these rules?' I just wanted to thank you for teaching us skills we would use at every point in our life."


“For us, it was an easy decision to send our daughters to NDA. We wanted our daughters to be able to focus on learning, and not be distracted by all the things that parents worry most about with their high-schoolers.  NDA is not only strong academically, but it has also taught our daughters the importance of service to others. It has paid off. Our oldest daughter was an AP scholar with distinction, and is now enrolled at the University of Notre Dame. Our youngest daughter is currently a junior and we are very pleased with how she is progressing academically and personally.” – Geraldine Leach

“As parents when looking for a place to send our daughter to high school, it was very simple. The Academy of Notre Dame checked all of our boxes. They have great academics, small class sizes, and some of the best teachers in the area. They really care about preparing the girls for college, and beyond. The facilities are great, along with the sports programs. The extracurricular activities are also fantastic, especially the drama guild which she is active member.” – Russ Gavlak

“Our daughter’s experience at the Academy of Notre Dame was instrumental in preparing her for the academic rigors of an engineering program in college. Not only is she successful academically, but she has also developed a confidence in herself that will serve her well throughout her life!” – Rebecca and Andrew Piela

"Our family joined NDA in 2016, we chose NDA because we believed the school has the capacity to offer our daughters a world class education and the mission of the school aligned with our own values.  What I found to be especially appealing was that teachers at NDA really take the time to get to know each student. Teachers take note of each student’s strengths and they are aware of their individual weaknesses, this allows teachers to present opportunities for overachievement and also support when a student may be struggling to keep pace.  Teachers really want to partner with parents to bring the very best out in each student and we really value this effort. Since joining the school both of our daughters have absolutely blossomed! Both girls are taught on an individual level and with that they are gaining tremendous confidence in their abilities, they are excelling academically, they are developing a real love of learning and they are able to participate in a variety of activities outside of the classroom that is truly adding to their development and overall enjoyment of their school days. We place a tremendous amount of trust in the school that educates our children and I am grateful we selected NDA.  What NDA is offering is more than a world class curriculum, they are offering each family the opportunity to raise their child within a community of caring, educated, competent, professionals that want to bring out the very best in each child.-Tracy Slocumb

"We made the decision to enroll our daughter at NDA when she was entering the sixth grade.  We wanted her to be in a school that was large enough to offer her a variety of activities with which to become involved, as well as having a student body that was populous enough to allow for various friend groups but not so large that a quieter child could get lost.  We spoke to many people, and found ourselves taking a tour of NDA.  As we were being taken around the building, we were introduced to several teachers, one of whom was about to have lunch but instead had us pull up chairs and spent the next 20 minutes or so asking about our daughter and telling us about the school.  That was our first exposure to the caring community found at NDA, and that was the moment when we knew that we had found the right place for our daughter.  From her first weeks of school, she quickly made new friends and was absorbed into the school.  She has had many caring teachers who have encouraged her to set high goals and work hard to achieve them.  She has had the opportunity to participate on sports teams, and have a role in student government.  She felt so comfortable and so much a part of the community that, in the spring of the first year she was at NDA, she volunteered to give tours to prospective families during Open Houses.  Choosing a school for one’s child can be a daunting proposition, and it not a choice we made lightly.   With the benefit of hindsight, we are confident that in choosing NDA we have given our daughter the opportunity to challenge herself academically, to develop a strong moral character, and to be NDA prepared for a successful experience in high school, college and beyond." - Carole Barker

"I look back on my time in high school as some of the best years of my life.  When I chose the Academy of Notre Dame, I was interested in sports, where my friends were attending high school, and earning a good education – in that order as many teenagers may also tend to assess their choices.  I did enjoy playing sports for the Academy but I gained so much more from my time there:  lifelong friends, confidence in my voice, insatiable curiosity, and a belief that I could achieve anything I decided to pursue.  My life is rich with blessings and I attribute what I have to the strong foundation I built at the Academy. Fast forward 20+ years to the present, and I now have 4 children all of whom attend the Academy and have the same love for it that I developed many years ago.  I have seen a profound transformation in my older 2 daughters who have advanced to the Upper School.  They have grown in confidence due to the support and genuine affection they feel from faculty, staff, and the new friends they have found along the way.  They perceive the world through a lens of compassion and empathy that will be critical to their success in the world they will face when they graduate.  In the spirit of the mission of St. Julie Billiart, “Teach them what they need to know”, I am confident they will be prepared." – Jennifer McComas ’98

"NDA was highly recommended by so many of my friends that I couldn’t help but to enroll my 2 boys (age 4 and age 5)  to the Academy. In the last 2 years, the school’s discipline, teaching method, material, motto and the community itself has impressed me a lot and I feel confident that my boys are getting well-groomed for their future endeavors. NDA strives to remain updated with the current technology and trends. Their STEAM initiative with introduction of mini makerspace and early introduction to computers has been quite impressive.  I would recommend NDA to anyone in a heartbeat." – Arti Desai

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