Current Students

"My eight years at the Academy have been unforgettable and amazing. This school has become my home where I go to every day with great enthusiasm to learn constantly and broaden my knowledge day-by-day."

"I am proud to tell others that I go to a school that strengthens my leadership qualities through many clubs and activities. I have been given the opportunity to prove myself and find confidence to move forth and discover, imagine and achieve."

"The students are involved and given the opportunity to make some of their own choices. The academic program is great. I know, when I move on to high school, I will be ready thanks to the superb education I have received here."

"Notre Dame isn't just a school, it is my home. It has taught me many incredible things in the many years I have attended. The teachers are simply amazing. They truly understand us and want to help. I know as soon as I wake up I have a day filled with good people and great discussions. Everyone is full of compassion for one another. I know who I am, and I know that because of this school."

"After only being at the Academy for two years, I feel as though I have found myself. I have come out of my shell and truly discovered who I aspire to be. I am now a hard working student, athlete and leader. Notre Dame has helped me find my confidence and I know that as I continue in my journey at this school, I will be challenged to grow more as both a student and a person."

"Attending the Academy of Notre Dame has been an incredible journey for me. Through the years, I have made friends, created memories, and gone above and beyond everything I ever could have imagined myself doing. I have learned from not only the amazing, helpful staff and rigorous curriculum, but also from my peers."

"The opportunities offered and the genuine respect and care that all faculty, staff, and students have for each other are unique to NDA. My experience has been all that I could have asked for and more."


"Coming to the Academy was the best decision I ever made."

"I credit everything that I have accomplished thus far in my college career to my NDA education. I have experienced firsthand how a select group of fabulous young women can achieve such greatness."

"Every day I realize more and more how much this school did for me and how much being here shaped me, academically, physically and as an all-around person in the world. I believe for high school, the single-sex environment is hugely instrumental in preparing well-rounded, participating citizens."

"NDA will prepare you beyond your belief for college. You will learn how to contribute to community and follow your passion, no matter what it is, in a way that will help others. This school will challenge you, but not without reward. You will meet some of your best friends here who you can go to for the rest of your life. It's a family."

"My time at the Academy was a very positive experience in which I learned to express myself and grow in confidence, while in a challenging environment. NDA is unlike any other high school experience, but the friends you make and the bonds that are formed with the faculty and staff make an impact on your life, and make you into a well-rounded woman."

"The single gender experience at NDA taught me to be an independent, strong female. I can be myself and comfortable in my own skin around all types of people, and it's simply because NDA helped foster my self-confidence."

"This is an absolutely wonderful school. The classes were challenging enough that I felt prepared to enter the college world and even the work scene. My social skills were enhanced through all of the extracurricular activities offered and the opportunities presented."

"I learned how to make personal connections and friendships with not only the girls in my class, but my peers in older and younger grades, my teachers and coaches. This school will absolutely prepare you for the real world with a smile on your face and confidence in your heart."

"This semester I'm required to take a Junior Year Writing Course, and in our first lecture the instructor taught us "essential comma rules". When I see this on the power point, I immediately think of you! We did an exercise later in class and of course being a former student of yours, I got each and every one right. I remember sitting in your class thinking to myself, 'When am I ever going to need to know all of these rules?' I just wanted to thank you for teaching us skills we would use at every point in our life."

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