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Enrichment Programs

The Enrichment program at the Academy of Notre Dame offers families a variety of programming for students of all ages that builds upon academic skills while also allowing them to explore new interests outside the classroom with their peers.  Open to the public, the program encompasses STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and physical education-related offerings that will capture student imagination and fuel their passion. The programming also allows children to continue to grow emotionally, physically, socially, and academically outside the classroom walls.

By enrolling in an Academy Enrichment program, parents can let their children explore several different experiences with no long-term commitments. Scheduling and costs vary depending on the program. Most after-school programming starts between 2:45 and 3 p.m.

Academy teaching staff, outside vendors, and parent volunteers make up the group of well-trained facilitators who oversee the programs.

Enrichment has been divided into programs that are offered in 8-week sessions which allows the children time to grow in the specific program, and to form relationships with other children participating.

Quick Facts

  • Three sessions of programming for fall, winter and spring.
  • Programming for children in Early Years, Lower School and Middle School.
  • Most sessions will run for 8-weeks.
  • Our most poplular programming will continue to be offered!

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