Academy of Notre Dame Seal and Logo 

Academic Seal:

The Academy’s academic seal symbolizes the school’s purpose:

  • Shield - The shield signifies the determination and the courage with which the student should pursue his/her studies, and thereby, ensure the total development of his/her powers of mind and will.
  • Book - The book represents the spirit of true wisdom which, must not only pervade the educational process, but also be the end and crown of the striving.
  • Lilies - The lilies symbolize the cultured and gracious person that the Academy hopes to develop, a person of strong character, with well-defined moral standards, capable of assuming the responsibilities of adult citizenship.
  • Cross - The cross above the shield symbolizes the faith in God and country that is the heritage of the Notre Dame student, brought to him/her more than one hundred sixty-five years ago by educated and faith-filled women who left their native France to devote their talents and their lives to the education of American youth.
  • Bird - The bird above the book symbolizes the motto “Ad Altiora” (“To higher things”) which epitomizes the ideals and aspirations of the Notre Dame graduate in any vocation in life.


The Academy of Notre Dame’s logo has changed throughout the years. From variations of standard text to the one below that was implemented in August 2014. 

In May of 2017, the Academy’s logo underwent a significant change. Members of the leadership team and our ad agency approached the project with the following objectives:

1-To remove the seal from behind the text to avoid imprint and embroidery issues
2-Give more prominence to “Notre Dame”
3-Incorporate a locator ie: Tyngsboro
4-Stipulate our founding date
5-Represent our school colors

While the seal was removed from the logo, it was still used for formal communications and applications. 

Then in August 2019, the Academy updated the logo again to reflect feedback that the seal should be added back in and that information should be provided as to what grades we serve. As a result, an updated logo is being introduced at this time with those two additional elements.

1-The academic seal to preserve our historical identity. 
2-The line "Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12" to better identify us in the marketplace