Academy Students Receive Recognition for Achievements

Academy Students Receive Recognition for Achievements

Five students from the Academy of Notre Dame (NDA) were recognized for their hard work, organization of events, and commitment to the community during the months of October and November.


Danielle Wuerdeman of Hollis, NH, was named the Student of the Month for October. While she prefers to not be in the limelight, Wuerdeman is an efficient organizer that makes her mark behind the scenes. For Ring Day, a celebration for Juniors becoming upperclasswomen, Wuerdeman played a significant role in preparing and planning for the event months in advance. Thanks to Wuederman’s efforts and that of her committee, all of the event details were tied up ahead of schedule. In fact, the programs were printed three weeks before the event, which is a first in faculty memory.


October’s Distinguished Senior of the Month was awarded to Bridget Ryan of Groton. Ryan spent most of her summer tirelessly working on behalf of NDA. In July, she attended the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SNDdeN) Student Leadership Conference. When Ryan returned, she painted the school store and began to plan all-school activities for Student Council and Mission and Ministry. Furthermore, she did preparation work for National Honor Society, all while attending pre-season training for soccer. It is not overlooked that Ryan fully dedicates her time and efforts to every activity, club or team she is part of.  


Mai Detzel of Burlington, was honored as Student of the Month for November. Detzel supports NDA's hallmarks through her creativity and kindness. She helps create a sense of support in the NDA community by writing anonymous positive messages that she posts to mirrors in the bathrooms around campus. Detzel’s efforts are made out of pure sympathy and consideration of others, to encourage positive self-esteem amongst the students and staff. 


The Distinguished Senior of the Month for November was awarded to Jillian Wright of Nashua, NH, and Sam Gouveia of Tewksbury for their selfless and compassionate efforts in helping those in need.


Together, Wright and Gouveia planned and executed one of the most successful Red Cross blood drives that NDA has ever seen, filling a need in the local community during a severe blood shortage. The Red Cross reported that it was the most successful blood drive that happened on that day. The girls recruited 43 donors, 25 of whom were first-time donors, and 33 total units of blood were collected. Their collection alone went on to help almost 100 people in need.