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Dinosaur Dig - San Diego Natural History Museum.  An interactive "Name that Reptile" game, FAQ's about Jurassic Park and DNA, and fossil hunting clues with photos provide good information along with fun.  Download the Jurassic Jumbe word search or d it online. Grades 3-8

The Dinosauria - University of California Museum of Paleontology. Text hyperlinks and subject buttons on many pages lead to sophisticated information with color illustrations and answer questions like"Are birds really dinosaurs?" An audio tour describes a Dilophosaurus discovery.  Grades 6-8

Dinosaurs -  Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. A first stop for report writers, this iste offers extensive photos, good general information and details on the museums extensive collection.  Highlights include a guide to museum dinosaur collections worldwide and a virtual tour with a 3-D fossil specimen.  Grade 5 + up.

Dinosaurs: Fact and Fiction - U.S. Geologic Survey. Short, straightforward text entries answer 20 common questions about dinosaurs and cover topics such as habitat, diet, appearance, names and extinction. A reliable easy to navigate resource. Grades 3-6.

Sue at the Field Museum - The Field Museum Chicago Illinois. Learn about Sue the museum's superlative T.Rex fossil exhibit, with and interactive virtual dig, photo gallery, on line quiz, timeline and more. Grades 4-8


Visible Earth - Home to NASA's catalog of images and animations of Earth from outer space

Windows to the Universe   **** USE FOR GRADE 3 SPACE PROJECT



Biomes of the World

Electronic Zoo

Particle Adventure

Robert Krampf’s Experiment of the Week



How Stuff Works


Science Learning Network

Franklin Institute Science Museum

The Mad Scientist Network

Museum of Science, Boston

National Science Foundation


Science Friday

Science Hobbyist

Why Files



The Living Edens: Manu, Peru's Hidden Rainforest


CMS Science Fair Page

Science Fair Project Resource Guide

Earth Sciences 


Cascades Volcano Observatory

The Electronic Volcano

Global Volcanism Program

MTU Volcanoes page

Volcano Watch


Volcanoes:Can we predict Volcanic Eruptions?