World Language Program

Grades K2 - 2

Starting in grade K2, your child will be exposed to both French and Spanish language study. Classes meet once a week. Spanish and French lessons are introductory and build a foundation in world language skills. The alphabet, numbers and colors are a strong focus. Songs and games bring the program to life. By the end of grade 2 your child will be prepared to use the skills learned in a more interactive setting in Grades 3 and 4.

Grades 3-4

In Grade 3, the goal of the program is to initiate children in the appreciation of Spanish and French language and culture through active engagement of all of their senses. Topics include numbers, colors, shapes, use of masculine and feminine articles, following simple directions, expressing personal needs, defining seasons, days of the week, and the alphabet.

In Grade 4, students continue to study parts of the body, items of clothing, spelling numbers, and composing simple sentences in the target language. Participation in the early language program helps students in later intensive programming that begins in Grade 5.

Grades 5-8

In Grades 5 through 8, students are exposed to more comprehensive foreign language development. Grade 5 students take both French and Spanish for one semester each, but by Grade 6 they have selected the language of their choice for full time (5 days a week) study. The program adopts a broad spectrum of communication skills utilizing the 5 C's of essential foreign language development: Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, and Community. The program follows the inclusion method of study where at least 50% of classroom instruction occurs in the target language. By 7th and 8th grade, students at the Academy are often ready for Spanish II or French II at the Academy’s upper school for girls or other outstanding local high schools around the area.