Special classes at the Academy of Notre Dame include offerings in art, music, technology, and physical education. While these types of classes are often the first place others schools make financial cuts, the Academy considers them vital to our whole child educational philosophy.  We believe that the specialist courses allow students to discover their gifts and talents in unique disciplines, while connecting scientific and artistic talents to academic coursework.

In order to achieve this, the academic excellence and spiritual formation of the Academy curriculum is strengthened by its extracurricular, or “specials” curriculum. Our students in Pre-K through grade 8 have the opportunity to participate in a variety of specialist courses. Students in grades Pre-K through 5 take music, art, science/​technology/​engineering/​math (STEM), library, foreign language, and physical education. While students in grades 6 through 8 take music, art, STEM, information systems, and physical education.

Physical fitness is a high priority at the Academy, with weekly physical education classes and extensive intramural and competitive athletic opportunities. Students in grades 5 - 8 can participate on school athletic teams. Academy students are also eligible to participate fully in Tyngsboro town teams, both recreational and travel. Learn more about Athletics at the Academy.

We are fortunate, here at the Academy to be a part of a community that continues to add to this discipline in order to best support each child’s personal growth.

Fast Facts about the Academy education:

  • Technology is integrated into classroom teaching beginning in Pre-K with students as young as 2.9 years old.
  • Students participate in 45 minutes of physical education per week in addition to mid-morning and lunchtime recess periods during which physical activity is encouraged.
  • Music is offered to all Lower School grades once a week. Fourth graders learn to play the recorder.
  • Spanish and French are introduced in kindergarten one day a week, students select one of the two languages for full-time study by grade 6, and are often ready for high school level II courses by grade 7 or 8.
  • Students partake in weekly 45-minute art classes beginning in Pre-K through grade 8. Projects based on age- level are showcased on Fine Arts Night in May.
  • Students are taught STEM concepts through an inquiry-based teaching method  where students work collaboratively to solve real-world problems. STEM concepts are integrated into all courses.
  • Students have regularly scheduled library periods of 45 minutes a week to develop a love of literature, research skills and reading for life.
  • Information systems is a course for students in grades 6 through 8 and is designed to teach students how to apply computer programs to coursework and future careers.