Alumnae Board of Directors

Introduction from the Alumnae Board President

My inaugural address as Alumnae President at the Mass, Tea and Medallion Ceremony on May 6th, 2012, reflected on the thing I love the most about being involved with the Academy - tradition.

Based in the Latin noun tradition, from the verb tradere, tradition means to transmit, to hand over or to give for safekeeping. Tradition begins long before our graduating seniors become alumnae. It begins the first day of school as one passes through the gates; it begins a journey of life-long learning; it begins with the bonding of friends and the respect we learn for our teachers and others; it begins with an awareness of social justice and an awareness of giving back.

Nicole Rocha Clark '98

About the Alumnae Association

The Alumnae Association consists of all graduates of the Academy’s high school program. The Association has a Board of Directors, and, within this board, officers who are appointed to serve for a period of two years, with the understanding that this term can be renewed. The Alumnae Board generally meets once a month on the second Wednesday. Alumnae who wish to become involved as board members or volunteers may email President Alana Acquaviva '98 at or contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 978.649.7611, Ext. 323 or .

Alumnae Board Meeting Schedule

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