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Private Music Lessons -

Current Instrument Options: Piano and Guitar

Who:  Ages 6 and up

When:  Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Sessions

  *Time slots vary. Individual schedules will be worked out with the music instructor once online registration is complete.


Summer Session- 8 week block- $240.00

Fall Session- 10 week block- $300.00

Winter Session- 10 week block- $300.00

Spring Session- 10 week block- $300.00

Music surrounds us every day.  Whether background music at a restaurant, music we use to motivate ourselves at the gym, music that helps us unwind on the drive home, music that sways our hearts at the opera, or music that transports us back to a memorable time, talented musicians create music that touches our lives every day. Every great musician began with a need and desire to make great music.

A musician’s first introduction to any instrument or discipline should be nurturing, supportive and structured, allowing for greater success and joy as they learn.  Students who see their own progress through structured classes will be motivated to keep learning, and practice on their own.  That is why the private music lessons offered here at the Academy are the perfect place to start any student’s journey into the world of music.

The Academy is offering instruction for beginners through advanced skill levels of all ages, including adults!

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